Support VON's efforts to improve neonatal care in resource limited settings.

Donations in 2017 will be used to support the training of a pediatric leader in Zimbabwe, a country without any current practicing neonatologists. VON will match the first $15,000 in gifts.

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Support VON's Global Health Mission

VON develops partnerships and supports health professionals around the world with training and research that addresses specific needs and constraints of resource-limited settings. Over the years, these relationships have evolved into a worldwide community of neonatal practice.

We recognize that our colleagues worldwide face a diverse set of challenges. By contributing to a global community, you help us share knowledge and practices that save lives beyond your own community. Work of VON volunteers has helped implement guidelines for clinical care and operations leading to improved outcomes during our initial global health program in Ethiopia, but as importantly, we are helping to establish standardization of data and practices and grow the network of neonatal health care professionals dedicated to evidence-based improvement.

Donations to our global health program support research and improvements to practices and outcomes for infants worldwide.

Currently, donations support the training of Dr. Marcia Mangiza through the African Pediatric Fellowship Program. After completing the fellowship program, Dr. Mangiza will return to Zimbabwe, a country of 16 million people without any current practicing neonatologists, to drive a culture of evidence-based improvement and high-quality care.

Please help us meet our fundraising goal of $30,000. VON will match the first $15,000 in gifts for the Global Health program.